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General insurance covers all forms of insurance except life insurance. Examples of general insurance are Motor, Health, Travel, Personal Accident, Householder, Shopkeeper, Office protection etc.

General Insurance Companies provide payments depending on the loss or damage from a particular event covered under concerned general insurance policy.

Most general insurance policies are annual contracts.

Motor Insurance

Motor insurance offers protection to the vehicle owner against:

  • Damage to the vehicle
  • Any third party liability determined by law against the owner of the vehicle

Motor insurance is mandatory in India as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 so far third party liability is concerned and needs to be renewed every year.

Driving a motor vehicle without insurance in a public places is a punishable offence. However, insurance cover covering risk of damage to vehicle is voluntary. Hence, taking motor insurance coving only third party liability is possible.

It is a fact that the third party insurance must be taken by every vehicle owner as owner of vehicle is legally liable for any injury or damage caused to a third party life or property, by or arising out of the use of the vehicle in a public places.

A comprehensive motor insurance policy cover third party insurance and damage to owner's vehicle in one policy.

Some attractive benefits of motor insurance include roadside assistance, cashless servicing at nation-wide network of workshops and garages, personal accident cover, towing assistance.

Home and Contents Insurance

Householder's Insurance help to mitigate loss of the physical structure and contents of home due natural calamities and man-made disasters and threats. Home insurance provides protection against risks and damages from fire, burglary, theft, flood, earthquakes etc. covering the physical asset such as structure of building and contents in it.

If home insurance is in place, there is no need to utilised hard earned savings for rebuilding the house or buy household goods.

Shopkeepers Insurance

Shopkeeper's Insurance help to mitigate loss of its contents due to fire, theft, larceny, natural calamities etc.






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